“Alda’s view on emotional intelligence not just regarding myself but other people, gave me that extra boost I needed to become the best possible version of myself. I feel more at ease. Speaking as a founder it’s a skill that I wish I had learned sooner” - Agla, Founder, Iceland, January 2019


“Alda’s new masterclass lecture is like a flight simulator for your life. Suddenly I’m ready for anything life throws at me and I am pushing my fullest potential even further in all aspects of my life. I’ve always felt fine but it feels amazing to see how far I can actually go” - Seth W, Analyst, Iceland, December 2018.


“I think it was an awesome and unique experience. I especially enjoyed listening to Alda speak about the mind and how it works with and against the individual, I feel much more self aware. I feel awake.” - Kevin Williams, Dancer, Iceland June 2018