Alda Karen finishes her talk at Harpa, Iceland January 2018

Alda Karen finishes her talk at Harpa, Iceland January 2018


About AK Consulting

“Share what you learn, as you learn it” - Alda Karen

A new look on consulting.

With companies like Amazon, Microsoft,  and more on their CV’s the team behind AK Consultancy will bring you not just experience but the innovative ideas and new processes so we can try to ask the right questions. 

AK Consultancy specialises in mental health for your employees and yourself along with sales and marketing consulting. With new technology and interactive workshops our goal is to help you grow as a human being.

We are a one stop shop for consulting both for individuals and companies or organisations. 

Meet the team, 

Brandon Wang - Chief Technical Officer
Brandon is the most polite but at the same time the most up front and honest engineer you will ever meet. His Chinese upbringing in Canada has made him a unicorn engineer. One you can communicate with but at the same time he will be very polite about criticising every single thing you do. Including a debate on how long a bathroom break should really last. 

Alda Karen - Chief Executive Officer and speaker
Alda Karen or more commonly called the Icelandic fairy is mostly known for her lectures on marketing, sales and life itself. Alda Karen is a member of the Mastermind Talks organisation for more information head to . Along with reading about mental health and debating bathroom breaks she talks to people about their mind and the purpose of life. Just you know the small stuff in our every day life. To book Alda for a lecture please click on the button below.  

AK Consulting consists of a wide net of freelancers such as performance enhancement coaches, therapists, designers, software engineers and more remote teams in New York, London and Reykjavik. 

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