Hi. I’m Alda.

I am the creator of Lifekeys and I consult companies and people about sales, marketing and life. I talk about big ideas and life advice that doesn’t suck.
I believe in open mindedness, honesty, transparency
and just having fun.

For those who want more:

Alda became the VP of sales and marketing at the biggest production company in Iceland, Sagafilm, at only 19. Sagafilm helped produce feature Hollywood films like Star Trek: Into Darkness and Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. One of Alda’s first assignment was to find sponsorships for all kinds of things for the Interstellar crew. Alda worked on everything to sponsorships to product placement to marketing all kinds of film&TV projects. Alda being only 19 at the time which got her a lot of media attention and soon she was hosting lectures all throughout the Nordics about fast success in sales and marketing. Including a conference with all the Nordic Colleges on how to reach Millennials. Alda soon realised that sales was just persuasion and marketing attraction, elements that we use in our every day life. Her lectures then evolved more into mental health and mindset and habit building. Hosting her first masterclass in 2017 it sold out in mere minutes. Now 3 Masterclasses later - all sold out - Alda is bringing her material online, available to all. Along with her touring the world with other keynote speakers, Alda’s new books and webinars will be published at the same time! So stay tuned here!