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“To discover something that relieves suffering - it’s one’s responsibility to share it with others so that they are benefited.”
- Dr. Hawkins


Consultation available in New York, London, Reykjavik and Akureyri. All bookings and enquires have to go through our website or email: book@aldakarenh.com

Mind talks and workshops available now:

  • The market tomorrow: (1 hour. Alda Karen talks about how the market will be tomorrow and why for the first time in marketing it’s not about how much money you got it’s about how you know where the market will be tomorrow.

  • My secrets in sales, marketing and life (1 1/2 hour. Are sales persuasion and marketing attraction? then it’s two of the most important life skills in the life of a VP in sales and marketing. How do we reach younger generations in a constantly faster moving world?

  • Into your mind (1 hour. How does your mind work, how does your brain work, where do your thoughts come from, thought processes, the emotional highway, the lizard brain, the ego station, our conversations with our brains our forever roomate in our minds. What if I told you low self esteem dosen’t exist? Alda shares lifekeys that helped her answer these questions and hopefully they will help you too.

  • LIFE - MASTERCLASS (3 hours. DEEP dive into your minds and brain waves - workshops and VR experiences to make the unfamiliar familiar. Everything above along with new technologies and experiences. Mind experiences like public speaking in front of thousands of people and more experiences available - for more information shoot us a line at aldakarenh@gmail.com)

  • Personal consulting (1 on 1 with Alda Karen about everything from sales, marketing and personal growth. Alda Karen is not a psychologist, doctor or scientist but a young woman sharing what she’s learned so other can benefit. )


About WAVE:

  • Using VR technology and interactive workshops we want to deepdive into your brain waves to make you more aware of what is happening in your mind and how to communicate with it.  Services can be set up in a remote location or at our temporary mindgym locations.

    DAY WAVE (A day long mindgym session, workshops and VR set ups along with group classes.)
    TIDAL WAVE (A 3 day set up for mindgym sessions, workshops, VR set ups and group classes along with 1 on 1 with performance enhancement coaches.)
    THE TSUNAMI (A week long set up for mindgym sessions, workshops, VR set ups and group classes along with 1 on 1 performance enhancement coaches.)

For pricing please contact us via book@aldakarenh.com



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